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Warcraft, the meeting of two worlds

Watch Warcraft Online FreeDuncan Jones has released temporarily the control panel of the video game to direct behind cameras an unpublished adventure in the universe of Warcraft, the popular game of strategy in real-time, which has just given the jump to the big screen like a full-lenght film of action and fantasy.

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With a short but showy career as the director – with scarcely four qualifications in its movies – and with a respectable reputation like ‘gamer’, the British producer assembles the conditions to recreate a version capable of satisfying equally devout players of World of Warcraft as to the fans of the movies of entertainment and fantasy. In the tape the bases of the game are Watch Warcraft Online recaptured to put in scene the history of the first shock between two features, on having opened to him a portal that connects the world of the human beings and that of the orcos.

Human beings who fight for the survival facing to the imminent invasion of a race of orcos warriors, who in its effort to escape of the extinction will face any challenge to appropriate of a new territory. And in every side of the contest two personages appear during collision. A Travis Fimmel that clutches the sword again after the third period of ‘Vikings‘, but now like Anduin Lothar, commander of the real troops of Azeroth.

Also a Toby Kebell adapted well to the format of the live action, to give life to the warrior Durotan. Both protagonists of a violent shock of cultures in a stage visually spectacular, where the expressiveness of the personages created by computer is not out of tune with the interpretation of the real actors. Without need for a previous knowledge, Warcraft is enjoyed like what it is: an epic adventure of entertaining action and fantasy.

‘Warcraft: The origin’ releases this weekend in the United States but it is already a box office thanks to the collection in the rest of the world. The showiest thing is that it is triumphing in the rooms of China, where it has broken records achieving 90 million dollars in only two days in publicity board. A savagery.

In these moments, the adaptation of the video game of Blizzard carried out by Duncan Jones accumulates 168 millions (it cost 160), and he still has left very much covered. So the producers do not need that it triumphs in the USA, everything aims that there will be consequence in spite of the widespread thrashing of the critics (very wrong, in my opinion, the movie expires like entertainment and the lovers of the fantasy will like).



‘Warcraft’, beings rank box office

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

There is still hope. Warcraft Although the first information thrown by the box office of “Warcraft“ was calling to the absolute pessimism, the true thing is that a small light beam seems to begin to show between the enormous quantity of thunderclouds that make a detour to the movie.

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

warcraft now you watch

The same weekend was reaching our publicity boards “Warcraft“. The adaptation of the famous video game was coming preceded from its disastrous putting of length in most of countries where it had already been released. 32 millions obtained between France, Germany, Russia and the rest of countries in which it was released were staying very far from 100 due millions. This fact was joining to a criticism that it was massacring of the movie, what it was leaving to the movie in a situation more than complicated.


“Warcraft“ was managing to reach 70 millions

Well, after several days and for lack of its premiere on markets as powerful as that of the United States or China, Information like more than two million euros achieved in our country were impelling the box office of a tape that might save the furniture and go so far as to throw benefits. 170 inverted millions more the almost 80 in promotion and distribution would go so far as to excel themselves with little luck.

It turns out to be difficult to mark a number from which it would turn to put on the table the idea of a consequence. It is possible that 450 million dollars of final collection it is sufficient like so that Universal it is thought. To today, this quantity takes a fancy like a sleep, but it is not necessary to lose the hope.

Presently, it is more known for being one of the most popular MMORPG of the history of the video games. Earlier, it had been a series of games of strategy in PCs that were passing in the same universe. The creative company was Blizzard Entertainment and it was on the point of being an extension of the universe Warhammer (it notices for not – nerds: typical board games with lead picture cards) and, on not having come to agreement with Games Workshop, they created their own history and became bigger than they.

Summing up: if you were a child and your friends had a board game called Hero Quest,

of those of those of “more than 5000 Pesetas”, perhaps you the action sounds. Basically, Warhammer was an official evolution of the same one, therefore Warcraft does not stop being a bastard son of this:

Man, the glades pastime proves that it is something more than a video game. In the last decade it happened to have more than 100 million players in the whole world. Its creators were striving to tell to the world that the number of created accounts was major than the population of Germany, Biolorussia and Sweden. Or the double that Korea of South. But its histories expand and complement each other along novels and another peripheral material.


Warcraft does not stop being a Second Life more active

In certain way, in that the people experience together the same emotions, breaking barriers of age, sex and other tastes that do not offer other social networks creating bonds and relations between persons of different countries (even of different 244), their own brom

Finally, it has turned into an element of popular culture more common than, which we ignore how its world works, we can go so far as to believe. On the other hand, there neither has ever been a good adaptation of a video game we nor have had a worth successor of the movies of The Lord of the Rings, for what the sense of expectancy is big.

Yes and not. In the epoch of PC there were three different video games. Everything what multiplayer happens in the version would happen three decades later. The movie is based principally on Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, who already is 20 years old and who narrates the first war between human beings and orcos.

It tells, basically how the ugly and huge orcos that you see in the promos and tráilers they turn out to be forced to leave its planet, Draenor and to cross a dimensional portal up to the world of the human beings, called Azeroth, for lack of resources, trying to colonize it by means of hosts like breads. The differences with the game are different. The personages, the facts and details of all kinds are exact so that they make sense, skylight, in the limited space of two hours.

“Warcraft” Heroes fight against

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

It is clear that Warcraft is not doing well in terms of criticism and David Bowie could see before he died. However, ‘Warcraft’ we did not know is that the version shown in theaters tape does not include 40 minutes of deleted scenes. Which, incidentally, you will only be seen in an extended version if the film succeeds at the box office. This according to the director Duncan Jones.

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

One of the scenes delved more at the source of half-orc Garona as a character, in addition to these sequences further explained the relationship between orcs and humans. Likewise, a part where a recurring song bards sang on the tapes the director was removed, I Am The One and Only Chesney Hawkes.

Finally, a scene

in which the trolls perform looting was also shelved. The reason is that it was expensive and could not be linked in the best possible way to the main plot.

The tape is coming in Latin America within a few days. We will be watching, especially for its premiere in our region. To see if the weapon to see these scenes.

The Warcraft movie: Dawn opens this Friday June 3 in theaters and, recently we showed an interview with unreleased material that takes you into his universe Screenrush interviewed in Los Angeles to its director, Duncan Jones (Source Code) . “As a filmmaker, you have many opportunities in life to work with a production of this size,” he says in the video that you see above. “We have taken three and a half years to complete, but hopefully worthwhile”. (more…)

‘Warcraft The Beginning’ june Movie

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

Warcraft A fresh battle between orcs and humans comes to billboards. Next weekend opens in Worldwide  ‘Warcraft’ the film in line with the famous xbox game franchise Blizzard addressed Duncan Jones. Around 160 million dollars has cost this demonstrate that, for the time being, is delighting fans and critics bored.

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

‘The Lord in the Rings’ ( ‘The Lord of the Rings’) and ‘Game of Thrones’ ( ‘Game of Thrones’) will be the two references that a lot of are turning to compare this fantasy adventure that aims to get rid of the curse from the film adaptations of games. Maybe I am going to at the box office, which ultimately is the thing that matters in Hollywood. ‘Warcraft ‘ was already released in 20 countries, being No. 1 in 19; as soon as is being a success but, needless to say, your challenge is always to conquer the 2 largest markets, China (June 8) as well as the US (June 10).

The tale of ‘Warcraft ‘


Travis Fimmel between orcs

The peaceful kingdom of Azeroth is about to head to war to face terrible invaders: orc warriors who have left their destroyed world to colonize another. An army faces destruction, and the other to extinction .., by opening a portal that connects both worlds.

Two heroes, one on both sides, are planning to collide in the showdown that can change the fate of his family, his people with his fantastic home. So begins a spectacular saga of sacrifice power and where the many faces of war and where each fighting for theirs are discovered.


Warcraft-Movie review

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

Warcraft released by Legendary Pictures date of the film Warcraft closer have started to appear the first criticism by the press, although the early reviews are being imdb.

Metacritic currently four criticisms are collected and has an average of 29 out of 100, so it seems that we stand before this great movie adaptation of video game so many years we have been waiting to see. Anyway, there are still many more analyzes to appear, so this score may rise. They all agree that the script is full of cliches and that is very chaotic, with many characters and plotlines lack of interest, resulting in two very boring hours. The performances do not seem to shine and abuse of computer special effects do not seem to be quite well integrated.

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online

Now Watch Warcraft Full Movie Online The Beginning will be released on June 3, 2016, day in which we can see for ourselves if we agree with these criticisms or not, and was directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code)

For that of the most anxious, tickets of the film can already be bought since last Friday, May 4 at Universal already stepping up hoping that this film is backed by millions of players worldwide have played the game multiplayer online (World of Warcraft) or, failing that, the original strategy game (Warcraft) to which was unveiled this universe of humans against orcs, or some of its aftermath. Today you can still find good locations in the time zone of maximum assistance so it can be deduced that by now you have not created much expectation in the fans.

Although the heyday of users it had in 2011 with half of active players almost 12 million (now has fallen to half 7 million), the fact is that this saga has the record figure of having more than one hundred million registered users. These figures translate into a profit of more than ten billion revenue. Come on, it’s more than likely box office spectators eager to flood discover what the film offers Warcraft: The Origin.

The phrase is a free interpretation of what he should have said Paul Sams, chief operating officer of Blizzard and until recently the president, Uwe Boll, director of that nefarious version of Alone in the dark. The confident Uwe Boll, producer of films of dubious quality and director of them made contact with the head of Blizzard with the intention to earn the rights to direct the film of Warcraft and this is what he said Paul Sams ” we will not sell the movie rights … and less to you. The game is the most successful online games and if we make a bad movie we could load your image and thus our revenues, which are what the company lives “. And I wonder … Is this film is as good as the desire to resurrect the game or good memory of what came to be? Will you bury the saga? We’ll see.

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